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The OG Platform offers a comprehensive one-stop solution for web development services. Simply prepay 10,000 RMB to initiate site construction

  • No setup fees.

  • First month online incurs no monthly maintenance charges.

  • First month online is exempt from OG live video fees.

  • First month online is exempt from OG electronic fees.

OG Platform: Illuminating Pathways to Mutual Success

A multi-currency international comprehensive platform, our system supports markets in China, Vietnam, Thailand, Brazil, India, South Korea, Japan, Bangladesh, and Indonesia.

  • Multi-language support.

  • Comprehensive support for various country payment channels and third-party payment systems.

  • Robust agent system.

  • Multi-faceted display of website operational data.

  • Diverse theme templates for tailored selection.

  • Systematic enhancement features.

  • Vigilant monitoring against fraudulent activities.

  • Seamless integration with social media platforms.

  • VIP growth program.

Embark on the journey to prosperity with OG Platform

Elevating Entertainment Standards for 11 Years

OG Games extends heartfelt wishes to both new and existing clients for a prosperous future!

From March 1st to June 30th, 2024, new clients opening sites under the OG Game white label, simply prepay 10,000 RMB to enjoy exclusive benefits: waived setup fees, and special exemption from monthly service fees for the first month of operation.

For new clients launching their sites, the first month of operation incurs no charges for OG Live Casino and OG Slots. In 2024, we are gearing up to launch:

  • A brand new sports H5/APP to coincide with the European Championship/Olympics

  • A C2C payment internal circulation system

  • Live streaming functionality

  • Add new OG electronic games

Demo site login information

  • Demo site access for multiple currencies: og0808.com

  • Exclusive access for the universal version: og007.com

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Oriental Game - Brazilian Market is Online!

During the launch of the Brazilian market, old VIP customers of Oriental Game who open a new site only need to prepay 1W RMB to enjoy: free opening fee and free monthly service fee.

Localized Brazilian package network template
Offers exclusive templates for Brazil that seamlessly incorporate a culturally relevant aesthetic that resonates deeply with Brazilian players

Customized mode
Not only templates are available but also customization options are available. Platform can be fine-tuned to Brazil’s preferences, increasing player engagement

Payment integration
Simplified integration of locally preferred payment methods, ensuring safe and worry-free transactions for Brazilian players. From popular e-wallets to localized banking options, empower players to build trust and convenience

Powerful game combination
The platform offers a rich variety of popular and interesting online casino games, allowing operators to carefully curate a diverse and exciting game portfolio platform that meets the various interests of Brazilian players

Mobile optimized
Given the importance of mobile gaming in Brazil, Oriental Games has ensured that its BaoNet platform is fully optimized for mobile devices, providing a seamless and immersive experience for players on the go.

Brazilian demo site login information

Brazilian market exclusive page homepage entrance: og007.com

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Celebrate the 9th Anniversary of Oriental Game!

Join us from October 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023 for our special anniversary celebration. As a valued Oriental Package Network VIP old customer, you can enjoy exclusive benefits by opening a new site. Simply make a prepayment of 10,000 yuan and unlock a range of privileges, including no opening fee and no monthly service fee. Additionally, customers who reach a monthly commission of 200,000 yuan can also enjoy VIP commission conditions. It's time to take action and make your dreams a reality! Join us in celebrating our 9th anniversary and seize this opportunity for special benefits. Contact our customer service for more details.

Win Together with the World!

From September 1, 2023, to October 31, 2023, for new sites opened on the Oriental platform, a one-time quarterly service fee for VIPs will be exempted from the setup fee. VIPs whose monthly commission amount exceeds 300,000 will be exempted from the current month's service fee and enjoy VIP commission conditions. Existing old customers of Oriental package websites can contact our business department with their past payment receipts to enjoy exemption from setup fee / exemption from monthly service fee / VIP commission conditions.

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