The Future of Casino

Technology is changing and many aspects of our lives are affected because of this, may it be for the better or for worse. One of these sectors is the casino industry. And because of the pandemic, the evolution has come at a faster pace.


The experts are speculating, they listed some observations and expectations regarding casino experience that may come in the not-so-distant future.


  1.   Electronic Gaming


Games which were traditionally considered “table games” such as roulette, blackjack, poker, baccarat and more – now have digital versions that allow players to gamble on their own. According to, while the physical table versions still exist, the video option is becoming increasingly popular.


  1.   Crypto Set to Dominate


Cryptocurrencies will continue to dominate the gambling industry. As per, many people enjoy and prefer these transactions from deposits, withdrawals and gameplay in Bitcoin and other digital currencies because of security and anonymity. Added, traditional payments will still remain an option for the biggest gambling sites but cryptocurrencies are slowly replacing these old methods because many just prefer being anonymous and untraceable, especially with something as sensitive as gambling.


  1.   Skill-Based Games


Most games on the casino floor are based on luck. But these days gamblers are starting to explore options that give them a little bit more control of the outcome. As mentioned by the report of, one example of a skill-based game that started to roll out a few years ago is the time-tested classic Pac-Man. Several Las Vegas casinos have launched “Pac-Man Battle” which gives players the opportunity to win more money based on how well they play the game.


  1.   Gaming Apps


Casinos started to turn to mobile gaming apps to reach convenience driven patrons. According to, half of the Casinos in the New England market have a mobile gaming app. And as the number of gambling apps increases, consumers will have more options.


  1.   Sports Betting


The biggest difference in the future of casinos will be the widespread implementation of sports betting. According to, most industry experts agree that it’s going to be some combination of both in-person betting and online sportsbooks. The world of online sports betting has grown exponentially in recent years as bettors no longer have to deal with complicated payout processes and other difficulties.


Oriental Game (OG) is leading the pack with innovations and technological advancements when it comes to gaming experience. OG is the fastest growing iGaming software solutions provider in Asia. And it feels this organization is just warming up! Because the online casino platforms created by OG provide full-featured products and shall we say, future-proof!


And speaking of the future, the casinos of the future are going to be a fully immersive experience that includes the latest technology, as concluded by the report of


Even for traditional bettors who are having doubts with the combination of technology and casinos, perhaps they will still try to experience these new trends. Because these technological advancements are surprisingly easy to learn. The harder part is how to win the game.