HTML5 & Mobile

HTML5 & Mobile

HTML5 & APP mobile game

HTML5 & Mobile

Oriental game is committed to providing the most perfect gaming experience.Not only on PC,the development of the mobile APP has never stopped. At present, our players can enjoy the best entertainment experience with mobile anytime, anywhere

HTML5 allows the players to experience the game in multiple platforms. With its ability to support responsive design and real-time gaming, the players are able to enjoy the game at a high level

Game Lobby

Game Lobby



Oriental Game showcases the best game portfolio for our operators. Our portfolio is a mixture of European and Asian games and comes with exceptional features. We also cater to players who speak Mandarin, English, Japanese, and Korean



Oriental Game presents to you the Grand studio. The new studio give you the majestic experience of western culture while playing

  • Skillfully Crafted Product and Services
  • Immersive Visual Experience
  • Minimalist UI Design


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Live Game

Live Game


Multi-Camera Baccarat

Oriental game is the first who develop multi-camera baccarat in Asia. It uses the rule of class baccarat with fantastic features, which provides the best gaming experience

Multicam Table Has Three Visual Pattern

  • Single - Camera mode:That’s The Classic Model, Show The Front of The Board
  • Multi - Camera mode:Automatically Switching to Show The Best Visual Position
  • All - Camera mode:Show You All Details Of The Game with 7 Cameras

Speed Baccarat

Oriental Game is proud to introduce the fast-paced variation of our baccarat game: Speed Baccarat! Here, the betting time is shortened to just 20 seconds—about 30 to 40 percent faster than our traditional baccarat game


Squeeze Baccarat

Inside casinos, the game of baccarat is oftentimes injected with drama and tension. Players are afforded the ability to “squeeze” the cards there; a main reason for the increased popularity of the game. It is for this reason that Oriental Game included the squeeze baccarat feature to our game offerings. Players will definitely love how this game is played; once the deal starts, they are given ample time to “squeeze” the cards being drawn. Players can “fold” the cards in different directions and “open” them in real time, just like any high roller inside a casino


Multi-Game Baccarat

In a typical live baccarat game inside a casino, a player can transfer to another table. We have included the multi-game feature. Here, players may choose to play in up to six (6) different baccarat tables simultaneously.

Oriental Game’s multi-game baccarat comes in two types: the 3-table baccarat and the aforementioned 6-table baccarat


Chinese Fan-Tan

The dealer would diligently group chips into fours. Any bets placed on the “4” wins if the last beads amount to four; bets placed on “3” wins if there are three beads. The same goes for two and one


Chinese Sic Bo

Sic Bo is an ancient game of Chinese origin wherein players choose where their bets are placed based on their guess of the total points expressed by the three dices previously shaken inside the cage

  • Small or Big
  • Odd or Even
  • Double
  • Triple
  • Total
  • Combination
  • Single

Dragon Tiger Game

Dragon Tiger (DT) casino game is also known as the two-card version of baccarat. Dealer draws two cards and deals them face up, players need to bet on the Dragon hand or the Tiger hand Our Dragon Tiger comes in two types: the Classic and the New. .

  • In the Classic DT, the result is a Tie if both hands have the same number and same suit. If have the same value but have different suits, the rule of suits apply to determine the winning hand.
  • In the New DT, the result is a Tie if both hands have the same number regardless of the suit


Oriental Game also has the live roulette game in its product offerings to provide variety for our players whenever they come to participate in our live dealer casino games. Our roulette wheel is the European type of roulette, also known as the single zero roulette. Like the other games in the portfolio, playing live roulette online exposes the players to accurate game results and statistics. To ensure transparency for our players, the live roulette table interface allows players to zoom in on the numbered pocket where the ball landed by just clicking on the screen