Oriental Game WLS has the highest rating for national games in the China market. These games are landlords, mahjong, and cattle. The popularity of our games gives a strong presence in the China market providing us with more than one million registered players.


Landlords is a popular card game in China. The game is played by 3 players, with a pair of 54 cards (including the two jokers, red and black.), one of which is the landlord, the other 2 are players from different sides. The 2 players will battle againts each other. The player who will finished first wins the game.


The two-person mahjong is a two-player game. It is derived from the international mahjong. but reducing the number of players and the number of cards (the two mahjong has no slivers and bobbins). The two player majong is more exciting than the international majong. After the cards are dealt, drawn, played, eated and touch, the first player to finish the game wins.


Nui Nui is one of the most popular game in Huguang area in China. This game can be played by multuple players at the same time. Players can sit with other players and compare cards with the dealer.


Bai Ren Niu Niu is a luxury upgraded version of the Niu Niu game. This version is a simple poker game that can be played by hundreds of people at the same time. Players can join/sit in the game if the player meet all the games's condition. The player can caompare her card with the dealer to know the size of his cards and will not be connected to the other player of the game.


Chu Han Texas is the new Texas Poker game with the Chu-Han war as the background, the player can bet depending the battle and advantage cards. If the player win who can attain the corresponding reward.