Oriental Game Lottery Official Lottery

Oriental Game WLS has the most popular online lottery service, covering OG lottery (independent research and development), BBIN lottery, etc., with real-time update of the most popular and complete lottery games, including: Mark Six, Chongqing Shicai, Beijing Racing, Fast 3, Welfare 3D, Lucky 28, Beijing Happy 8... Meet the betting needs of all players


Odds background independent control
The Owner can configure the odds limit independently in the background, and adjust to the most advantageous odds at any time according to the demand.
Rich Variety
Covers all current mainstream lottery games. as well as Oriental game independent research and development lottery games such as Oriental Lottery, Mark Six, Chongqing Time Color, Beijing Racing, Fast Three, Welfare Lottery 3D, Lucky 28, Beijing Happy 8....)
Supporting H5+APP application
Can provide web version + APP client, rich game interaction experience with flat design style making player betting more convenient!