Enter the World of Garena Free Fire


Mobile gaming is the fastest-growing segment of the Asia-Pacific online gaming market. China, Japan, and South Korea are at the forefront of the movement, and eSports and older games are also becoming more and more popular.



Over the past ten years, the online gaming market in Asia Pacific has rapidly grown due to accessibility and user-friendliness. The region’s leading economies in terms of industry are China, Japan, and South Korea, and there is still a lot of room for expansion.



Additionally, countries with significant potential like Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam are seeing a rapid expansion of the mobile gaming market. China, one of the most important economies in Asia, is investing heavily in new technology. Additionally, the country’s gaming market saw a sizable COVID-related uptick in 2020, which was advantageous for the Asia Pacific Mobile Gaming Industry.


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Garena Free Fire: Current players’ favorite game


Free Fire is currently among the most played mobile battle royale games, exceeding titles like PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty: Mobile, and other titles in the genre. It doesn’t need an introduction. It is no minor achievement that Free Fire has received over 500 million downloads and over 60 million user reviews on the Play Store.



It first appeared in September 2017 as a beta for Android and iOS, just as battle royales were beginning to gain popularity. In fact, the game’s initial beta came out before PUBG on PC, which is credited with giving the genre’s overall appeal a boost. Battle royales have become increasingly popular, and the popularity of mobile gaming has increased as a result. Three years later, Free Fire continues to rank among the most downloaded games in the Play Store.



Free Fire is being created by 111 Dots Studio using the Unity 3D engine, which is well-liked by independent developer studios because it is cost-free and includes a large selection of readily downloadable assets. For those who learn its nuances, the engine is also incredibly adaptable and offers a wealth of capabilities and creative freedom.


The fact that Free Fire games were more cost-effective than PUBG and Call of Duty was undoubtedly one of the reasons they gained popularity on a global scale. Brazilians have grown up without desktop or laptop computers, but practically everyone has a cell phone because they are less expensive than a PC. Garena Free Fire can be played by millions of people with ease because it does not require sophisticated software. Having said that, high-performance hardware is required for games like PUBG and Call of Duty to be playable, and regrettably, not everyone enjoys spending a lot of money on a phone just to play games.


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Operation Chrono: video game tie-in with a football superstar



The current world’s highest-paid athlete after joining Al Nassr, Cristiano Ronaldo, was added to Garena Free Fire in December 2020 as part of a ground-breaking collaboration to help the game’s “Operation Chrono” campaign. Garena Free Fire producer Harold Teo joined SportQuake CEO Matt House to discuss the benefits of football sponsorship for game developers as part of SportQuake’s ongoing series with PocketGamer.biz examining the growing relationship between gaming and football and to develop a novel marketing strategy that would engage hardcore, casual, and non-gaming audiences and spur user growth across all of their key markets. The two companies also discussed how they collaborated to succeed. 



In the game, the football legend provides his likeness to Chrono, a brand-new Free Fire character who serves as the key player of a brand-new event named Operation Chrono. One of the greatest collaborations in the gaming business to date connects one of the most played mobile games in the world with one of the most well-known players in all of sports with the Portuguese football player becoming a global game ambassador for Free Fire.





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