HTML5, as a web technology, has greatly impacted the realm of iGaming. HTML5 provides support for the latest multimedia
while keeping it easily readable by a wide range of devices, from computers to mobile devices.
Its compatibility to all platforms make the HTML5 a perfect fit in the iGaming industry.

網頁技術HTML5, 極大地影響iGaming的境界。HTML5提供了很多最新的媒體支持,同時保持它由多種設備的簡單易讀,從電腦至手機。

Recognizing this, Oriental Game (OG) made sure to keep up with the current advancements in the industry.
This is why we have the HTML5 version of our games!

东方游戏(OG) 確信領先了行業目前的進展, 之所以我們有HTML5的遊戲版本!

Indeed, playing OG is much better now because it can be accessed via multiple devices and can be played through any browser.
With straightforward, elegant graphics and user-friendly navigation,
OG’s HTML5 version will definitely give players a whole new kind of enjoyment and fun to their gaming experience, wherever they are.

確實,現在打OG是更好因為這個可以訪問通過多個設備和可以玩通過任何瀏覽器。與簡單的,精美圖案和用戶友好導航,OG HTML5 版將明確給播放机一种全新的享受和愉快至他們的賭博經驗, 無論他們在哪裡。